The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology urges the nine major industries such as automobile and steel to merge and reorganize

April 24, 2019

Abstract Deputy Director of Industrial Policy Ministry Changxing Miao said recently that China's current economic development situation is grim, to accelerate the merger and reorganization of the nine industries and fields of automobile, iron and steel, in particular, to accelerate the overcapacity industry mergers and acquisitions. December 8, by Beijing traffic...
Miao Changxing, deputy director of the Industrial Policy Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said recently that China's current economic development situation is grim. It is necessary to accelerate the merger and reorganization of nine major industries and sectors such as automobiles and steel, especially to accelerate the merger and reorganization of overcapacity industries.

On December 8, the 16th annual meeting of the Center for the Consolidation and Reorganization of Chinese Enterprises of Beijing Jiaotong University was held in Beijing. During the meeting, Miao Changxing emphasized that it is necessary to accelerate the promotion of automobiles, steel, cement, ships, medicine, and electrolytic aluminum. Mergers and acquisitions in industries and fields such as rare earths, electronic information, and agricultural industrialization. At the same time, it is necessary to eliminate institutional obstacles, strengthen policy coordination, strengthen service guidance, and coordinate and solve problems encountered in mergers and acquisitions.

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