What are the reasons for the poor efficacy of pesticides?

March 31, 2019

What are the reasons for the poor efficacy of pesticides:
The timing of medication is not allowed. It is necessary to seize the opportunity to fight drugs. Only by understanding the laws and regulations of the pests and diseases, and taking medicine at the right time, can Qin effect.
The resistance of pests and diseases is increasing. The resistance of germs and pests to pesticides is a real problem that hinders the effectiveness and potential efficacy of pesticides.
Without knowing the technology, the target of prevention and treatment is not clear. When the disease is attacked, the insects are killed, and the grass is removed. This is first of all a diagnosis error, unclear discrimination, resulting in wrong medication, poor control and even phytotoxicity.
Improper application method. The occurrence, damage and habitat of pests in the field have a hazard site. This specific site is the target that pesticides should shoot. If the target is not shot, the pesticide control effect will be poor.
Limitations of pesticide self-control. Some pesticides have good control effects on certain pests and diseases, but they are powerless to other pests and diseases, and their control effects are extremely poor.
Spraying the liquid is wasteful. At present, the spraying instruments commonly used in rural areas are labor-intensive, wasteful, coarse in fog and poor in control. The mist sprayed by the sprayer has poor adhesion and low deposition rate. The drug droplets fall into the soil and are lost in the water, which not only wastes the liquid, but also seriously pollutes the environment.
The application time is not well grasped. The activities of insects are governed by the law of day and night, and they also have their own "biological clocks." Therefore, we should master the law of pest activity, and apply the medicine on time and in different times at different times to achieve the best results.
The reduction of natural enemies. Due to the large-scale application of highly toxic and high-residue pesticides in successive years, the natural enemies of pests have been greatly killed, the ecological balance has been destroyed, and the pests have once again become paralyzed, forming a vicious circle.
The constraints of weather conditions. Different meteorological conditions and the control effect of pesticides are not related to each other. Different temperatures, humidity, light, wind, and cloudy have an impact on the occurrence, activity, and control of pests and diseases. If the wind big liquid drifts and blows away, it will affect the control effect. Applying an emulsifiable pesticide, it is required to spray without rain for 24 hours.
The reason for the quality of the medicine. Water has hard water and soft water. Well water, mining water, and spring water in some mountainous areas are mostly hard water. The effect of diluting pesticides is poor. Because of the minerals contained in them, the active ingredients of pesticides will be decomposed. The water in ponds, rivers and streams is mostly soft water with less mineral content. Dilution of pesticides is good, but if the pond water and river water are very turbid, it will also affect the efficacy of the drug. .
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