What are the requirements for the precise matching of the lead screw and the nut?

November 26, 2021

There are three main points in the precision fit of the trapezoidal screw nut:

1. Selection of lead screw nut: 45 steel bar and 40Cr steel bar heat treatment process quenching and tempering is double heat treatment of quenching and high temperature tempering, the purpose is to make the workpiece have good comprehensive mechanical properties. Quenched and tempered steel bars are classified into two types: carbon quenched and tempered steel and alloy quenched and tempered steel. Whether carbon steel or alloy steel, the carbon content control is strict. The lead screw raw material is drawn through the mold to the required median diameter, and the secondary cold drawing forms a surface hardness (0.5 mm deep) up to (18°-21°). The lead screw is used to perform the standard.

2, the tolerance of the screw and nut, YF45Mnv steel is a cutting non-tempered steel of 85Kgf / mm (785N / mm) strength grade, its tensile strength, fatigue performance, wear resistance are better than the traditional 45 Steel and 40Cr steel. Titanium products use YF45Mnv steel, but also 45# quenched steel and 40Cr steel.

The nut material is selected, and the nut material is traditionally selected: tin bronze 6-6-3 and tin zinc bronze 5-5-5. Titanium products use aluminum-tin bronze ZCUA110Fe3, HRS~1000, with low friction coefficient, no noise, and flexible rotation.

3. Lubrication of lead screw nut: It is recommended to use oil lubrication for the lead screw, especially the oil pool lubrication or drip lubrication method. Oil pool lubrication is the most appropriate method because it can meet demanding conditions such as high speed, heavy load or external heat transfer and cool the lead screw. Drip lubrication is suitable for low to medium speed and medium to light loads. Please select the lubricant according to the conditions.

The trapezoidal screw nut is a key component that requires precise movement of the thread during the movement. It is mainly processed with high-quality alloy steel. After heat treatment, it guarantees its excellent mechanical properties. The screw processing is recognized by Titanium Machinery, quality assurance, during the manufacturing process. In the middle, the coarse and fine processes are separated to effectively ensure the reasonable distribution of the stress of the parts. The key processes are processed in the constant temperature workshop, and the stable temperature ensures that all the indexes of the high-precision lead screw conform to the national standard JB/T 2886-1992 machine tool trapezoidal thread screw and nut. Technical conditions related to acceptance criteria.

Trapezoidal screw accuracy grade and acceptance technical standards: L Mark left-hand screw, right-hand screw is generally not marked. 7-class screw: for precise transmission, precision screw lathe, cylindrical grinding machine, feed movement of surface grinder, etc.; 8 grade screw: general drive, general lathe and thread milling machine;

Main equipment: Roughing: CNC lathe 1M, 2M, 3M. General lathe: 1M-8M lathe, etc. Semi-finishing: CNC cyclone milling lathe. Finishing: 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 5M, 8M precision ball screw lathe, constant temperature machining, calibration rule compensation to ensure 6, 7, 8, and 9 different lead screw machining accuracy.

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