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March 06, 2021

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1. Furniture trap

1. The side materials and miscellaneous materials are better

Due to the same tree species, the appearance difference is small, so the price difference of many "twin" mahogany furniture is several times or even ten times. In fact, a rim chair that looks "almost" in shape and craftsmanship, as long as the raw materials are different, the price may differ by more than ten times

It is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish the materials with the naked eye. Taking Indonesian black rosewood (broadleaf Dalbergia) and Jiaozhi Dalbergia as examples only, the appearance is very similar, but the price of raw materials varies greatly. Wait, the broad-leaved Dalbergia 32.5px thin plate ranges from 18,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan per ton.

2. Machine carving instead of manual

Industry insiders told reporters that manual processing after grinding with a machine is twice as expensive as pure hand-carving. The “Cabbage Price” mahogany furniture is mostly mechanically carved, which is rough and rigid, lacking charm and beauty. The low-cost mahogany furniture factory lacks drying equipment, but the wood drying process is not enough, and due to the bad environment, the furniture is more likely to crack.

The shopping guide said in private: It was because the owner bought furniture that he did not know about it, and I was fooled by the money!

3. Pretend to be limited

"Cabbage prices" flooding the mahogany furniture market has caused no small negative impact on the mahogany furniture market. Cheap mahogany also disrupted the market order and affected the image of the mahogany furniture industry. The "high price" of mahogany furniture lies in precious materials, cultural connotation and good craftsmanship. The low-end mahogany furniture has poor materials and craftsmanship, and has no collection value.

Second, what issues to pay attention to when buying furniture

1. What brand of sofa is better?

It is better to teach people to fish than to teach people. I will not recommend specific brands to you. I suggest that you can check online. Good brand sofa manufacturers have more formal and professional websites. When going to the mall to buy, the environment of the Brand Development Hall is very design and tasteful. When it comes to sofa products, the sofa itself is relatively good in appearance design, craftsmanship and texture, and regular brand merchants pay much attention to quality.

The shopping guide said in private: It was because the owner bought furniture that he did not know about it, and I was fooled by the money!

2. Was the furniture cleaned just after I bought it?

Newly-purchased clothes need to be washed before they can be worn. Newly-purchased furniture needs to open drawers, cabinet doors, and close doors and windows. It must be disinfected first. Fumigation or spray disinfection can be used. Different materials have different disinfection methods. After disinfection, open the window to ventilate and smell for at least three months before you can use it normally.

3. What are the tips for choosing a good home?

See if the furniture has obvious odor. If there is odor, this furniture is not environmentally friendly. Choose a reputable furniture manufacturer, or a large home shopping mall, both in terms of quality and after-sales service.

4. How to choose furniture sheet?

A good furniture board is E1 grade, the furniture sheet is divided into E0 and E1 grade, we pay attention to choose E1 grade when buying.

The shopping guide said in private: It was because the owner bought furniture that he did not know about it, and I was fooled by the money!

5. What kind of moisture-proof furniture sheet?

MDF and moisture-proof boards are common in furniture sheets, but moisture-proof boards do not mean complete waterproofing, and are slightly better than MDF. At present, these artificial compression boards are not high in environmental protection and quality, and good quality artificial boards are not easy to pick.

6. How to choose panel furniture?

The selection of panel furniture mainly depends on whether there are small defects, such as scratches, peeling, cracking, bulging, etc. In addition, the surface work of the Kanban furniture is required. The surface of the furniture must have smooth lines and uniform colors. Finally, it depends on whether the joint parts of the plate furniture are firm and the hardware accessories are complete.

7. What are the obvious benefits of the slab home?

Compared with furniture made of other materials, panel furniture is more convenient for disassembly and assembly, has more shapes, is also very durable, and the board is a renewable resource.

8. Leather sofas are expensive. Which leather sofa is better?

Cowhide is better to make a sofa, the best is yellow leather, but the general sofa is buffalo. Pig, horse, cow, and donkey skins can be used as the material for leather sofas. It is recommended to see the materials when buying. The leather sofas are slightly more expensive, but the overall cost performance is still the best.

The shopping guide said in private: It was because the owner bought furniture that he did not know about it, and I was fooled by the money!

9. Why are imported sofa furniture, etc. particularly expensive?

There are four main reasons why imported sofas are expensive. One is the preciousness of raw materials, the other is the different manufacturing processes of exotics, the third is the problem of freight, and the fourth is that imported furniture are all branded products with greater added value.

After reading the traps of buying furniture that I have shared with you, I believe you have a certain understanding of buyers. The pitfalls of buying furniture that I share with you, Jin may be a surprise to many of us. Even if we look carefully when we buy in the mall, we are surprised to choose it. We do n’t know that our furniture will have this kind of Question, then we must pay attention to it after reading it.

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