What are the roof insulation coatings

March 06, 2021


The deep bamboo flowers bloom, and the clear interest comes with everyone.

There are two kinds of people, one is a person with a clear heart, the other is a person with a heart, the latter is a vulgar person, and the former is an artist. To have an elegant taste is to pretend to be a way of life.

Ancient writers like mining Ju Dong laid-back life, but will not give up, "Lanting genre, pipa" arty.

Bamboo is widely used in the South. In the Qing Dynasty, in the folk, especially in the Jiangnan area, the bamboo-wood combination process has been widely used in furniture and decoration.

The combination of bamboo and wood has the rigidity of hardwood and the verdant bamboo, which meets the aesthetic taste and spiritual pursuit of the literati.

The following is an introduction to bamboo. For more information, please click Fuye Tan

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