American Villa decoration design essentials Villa decoration notes

January 23, 2021

American decoration has the characteristics of natural comfort and is loved by many people. What are the design points in the American villa decoration design? What else should be noticed in the villa decoration? The next small series is simple to introduce to everyone. About the American villa decoration design points and the attention of the villa decoration.

First, the American villa decoration design points

1, the living room

Americans like to have a sense of history, in the American villa decoration usually like to use a lot of stone, wood decoration, for example, for the treatment of the wall are generally like to use wall skirting, wall panels, texture wall as a decoration, the ground is Like to use antique tiles, in addition to a variety of antique decorations, making the American living room both cultural and comfortable.

2, kitchen

American kitchens are generally made open because of their living habits. Kitchens are usually integrated with restaurants. They prefer antique wall tiles, solid wood doors, and so on. When decorating the kitchen, we can choose according to the owner's lifestyle. Whether it is made into an open kitchen.

3, bedroom

Bedrooms are more intimate and warm places, American bedroom is usually not installed ceiling lights, they like to wall lamps, lamps and other places in a suitable place to create a unique atmosphere of the bedroom, curtains will generally use an elegant gimmick or Roman rod, In addition to warm fabric decoration, the bedroom's color is based on the bedroom home to match, usually based on natural comfort.

4, courtyard

The villas generally have courtyards. The American courtyards are generally full of natural and lively. They like to use lawns, shrubs, flowers as decoration, and display some outdoor furniture with a sense of design. They become a good place for everyone to have a casual day. The owners can The design of the American courtyard is personalized in terms of his own preferences.

Second, the villa decoration precautions

1, design

The decoration of the villa is different from the ordinary interior decoration. When designing the villa, we must pay attention to the rationality of the house structure. We must consider whether the space function division of the house is reasonable. In the local design, we must not only reflect the individuality of the owner but also not affect the entire space. The use of the flat design of the house and three-dimensional space against each other.

2, space division

Because of the relatively large space of the villa, there will be relatively many living rooms and entertainment spaces. When we divide the space, we must distinguish between the dynamic and static areas. They must be able to interact without interference. However, some spaces are not based on functionality. They play a coordinating role. Decoration must reflect both the owner's lifestyle and the overall space.

3, staircase design

Due to the relatively large number of floors of a villa, the design of the stairs must take into consideration its area, safety, and other requirements and must be coordinated with the surrounding environment when designing.

Xiao Bian summary: on the American villa decoration design points and attention to the decoration of the villa Xiaobian introduced here, I hope that after reading this article, can provide reference and help for everyone.

American Villa Decoration

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