How to Do Water Pipe Leaks Four Ways to Teach You to Solve Water Leakage

January 22, 2021

As we all know, water leakage is a common phenomenon in the family. But if you want to solve this problem, you must understand whether your home is a plastic or iron pipe, and see if the water pipe leaks. So, how to do water leakage ? Here we come together to understand the water leakage solution!

How to Do Water Pipe Leakage - Solution to Water Leakage

When water leakage occurs in your home's water fittings, you can remove the water leaking from the wire and if it does not have pads on it, go for fashion. However, if only the pad is aged, it can be coated with white paint at the mouth of the wire and then wound up with the hemp. Afterwards, we can also wrap it around with the raw material.

How to Do Water Pipe Leakage - Solution to Water Leakage

If your home is a PVC pipe, you can go to a supermarket or hardware store to buy a PVC pipe to pick it up. The specific operation method is: first cut off the broken water pipe, and then put the interface on the end of the water pipe, and then the other end of the cut position can be level with the port of the interface on it. In addition, we can also purchase waterproof tape to solve the problem of leaking water pipes.

How to Do Water Pipe Leakage - Solution to Leakage of Iron Pipe

Under normal circumstances, if the water pipe with a diameter of 2 cm leaks, but it is only partially damaged, we only need to close the Main Valve of the water pipe, and then replace the iron pipe in this position. However, if the leakage of the molten iron pipe with a diameter of 2 cm is caused by the corrosion of the water pipe, the total valve of the water pipe should be closed, and then the screw thread on the water pipe sleeve should be screwed on again.

How to Do Water Pipe Leakage - Solution for Leakage of Plastic Water Pipes

If your home is a plastic water pipe, then the leakage of water is treated as follows: first use a small hacksaw to saw the leaking place, but the sawing mouth must be flat, then use the sandpaper to polish the leaked port and wipe it with a cloth. Next, you can apply it to the port with glue. After a few minutes, you can apply glue on the “bamboo” joint of the water pipe, and repeatedly spin it until it is firm, and then use the same method to connect the other end. Apply a proper amount of glue to the seam and you're done.

Editor's summary: The above has introduced to you the related knowledge of how to leak water pipes . I hope to give you some help. If you need to know more about leaking water pipes, you can always pay attention to our website. The subsequent articles will be more abundant!

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