Home improvement map design effect display home improvement design skills

January 09, 2021

When we have a lot of people in our renovated house, it is the first time to decorate, so we don’t know much in many aspects, so we have to understand in advance, especially in terms of design. First we have to structure according to the house. To design, then what are the home improvement map effects? What are the skills of home decoration design? The following is a small series of decoration home network to introduce to you.


First, the home improvement map design effect display

1. Gives a sense of elegance, painted Chinese paintings of Lamei, adding a book fragrance to the entire space. The exterior is decorated with modern light yellow stone textures, and the seats are of different shapes, giving a sense of elegance. Floor-to-ceiling windows with wooden solid wood windows, with white polished tiles, modern and Chinese collisions. The arched mahogany arches reflect the elegant taste of the owners, while at the same time showing the high-end atmosphere, which is in line with the renovation of successful people.

2. The ceiling does not have too much decoration, the solid woody lines are simple to walk, and the sleek lamps are used to give a sense of quaintness. The mahogany furniture is deep and thick, and the shape is simple. In the middle of the TV wall, a soft soft bag is used, surrounded by wooden hollow partitions, and dark solid wood flooring is undoubtedly a reflection of Chinese elements.

3. The living room is a place for people to chat and gather, and the TV background wall is the place that attracts people's attention. Not only that, it can be said that in the home decoration design, the TV background wall has become the "focus" of the home decoration design, which is also a special space that reflects personalization. This TV wall has a wood grain wallpaper throughout the background and it feels great.


Second, home improvement map decoration design skills

1. Hue is one of the important factors that constitute the design of plastic art. Different colors can cause visually different color perceptions. The warmth of red, orange, and yellow is very strong, and it is called warm color. The blue, green, and green have a cold, calm feeling, and are called cool colors. Adjacent tones, contrasting tones, etc., can be used in the interior design according to the ring, and can be composed of various tones. There are many kinds of tones, which can be summarized as "the same color, the same color tone and different flexibility."

2. In the interior design, the ceiling and the ground, the table top or Other parts adopt the method of echoing and the treatment of the body will play a corresponding role. Responsiveness belongs to the form of balance, which is a common technique used in various arts. It echoes the theory of “corresponding symmetry” and “relative symmetry.” It generally uses image correspondence, virtual reality and other methods to obtain the artistic effect of echo.

3. Often, designers ignore the use of continuation design methods. Specifically, the shape of the object can be regularly up or down, left or right, and continuous is a continuation. This continuation technique is used in space to make the space gain a sense of expansion or guidance, and even deepen people's impression of the key scenes in the environment.

The decoration of the house is a very troublesome thing, please, because there are a lot of aspects to consider, the color matching is also more important, then the home improvement map display and design skills, who want to know this knowledge through the small series The introduction is also understood, then if you still want to know more about decoration information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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