High-efficiency Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction of Monoatomic Metal Catalysts in Fujian Institute of Materials

January 08, 2021

High-efficiency Electrocatalytic Oxygen Reduction of Monoatomic Metal Catalysts in Fujian Institute of Materials

The electrochemical oxygen reduction (ORR) reaction plays a key role in fuel cells, metal-air batteries and other fields. The search for highly active, cost-effective, high-utilization and long-life non-precious metal ORR catalysts to replace precious metal Pt catalysts is a hot research direction in this field. Although non-noble metal monoatomic catalysts have high atomic utilization, high activity and selectivity, they are prone to aggregation during the synthesis or catalysis process and lose their activity. It is an urgent problem to be solved to obtain a stable and disperse monoatomic catalyst by a simple method.

Recently, Cao Rong and Huang Yuanbiao, the State Key Laboratory of Structural Chemistry at the Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, used the iron oxazine porphyrin as the monomer and succeeded in the ion-thermal method. Monoatomic Fe-N4 Catalysts on Azine Framework Materials Under the spherical electron microscope, no iron nanoparticle was observed in the monoatomic catalyst, and the Fe atoms exhibited an atomic level distribution; the extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) showed that each iron atom coordinated with four nitrogen atoms to form a stable Fe-N4 structure. Therefore, the ORR activity of the monoatomic catalyst is better than that of a commercially available platinum carbon catalyst (20% Pt/C) under acid and alkaline conditions, while having higher stability and better resistance to methanol poisoning. The study provides a new idea for the design and synthesis of highly efficient monoatomic non-precious metal catalysts and provides an important reference for the development of new high-efficiency electrocatalysts.

The relevant research results were published on ACS Energy Letters. The study was supported by the national key R&D program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences' strategic pilot technology project, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences' frontier scientific key research project.

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