Must see! Wheat spring weeding ten note

January 08, 2021

As the temperature rises steadily, wheat will enter the greening period. At present, the weeds in the wheat field are small, the overlap of wheat on weeds is less, and the liquid is easy to spray. It is the key period for weeding and weeding in the wheat field. To ensure the control effect, we must pay attention to ten points during the prevention and treatment:

First, pay attention to drug selection

Wheat with broadleaf weeds as the dominant species, 10% bensulfuron-methyl WP or 75% sulfonate dry suspension or 72% 2,4-D butyl emulsifiable concentrate; For the dominant species of wheat, spray with 3.6% methyl disulfuron-methyl suspension; broad-leaved weeds and grasses such as wheat are mixed with the grass, and 3.6% methyl disulfuron + methyl iodide can be used. Sulfonamide sodium salt dispersion granule spray.

Second, pay attention to pesticide compounding

Scientific compounding pesticides has a multiplier effect, but improper mixing is often prone to phytotoxicity. To this end, the relevant technical personnel must be consulted before mixing, and it is not allowed to be mismatched.

Third, pay attention to the concentration of liquid

The concentration of the liquid should be prepared in strict accordance with the instructions for the use of herbicides . Do not arbitrarily reduce or increase the concentration of the liquid.

Fourth, pay attention to the amount of liquid

Taking a conventional sprayer as an example, the amount of liquid used in the mu should generally be controlled at 30 to 40 kg, at least not less than 30 kg.

Five, pay attention to the dispensing method

Regardless of which type of herbicide, it should be scientifically prepared according to the amount per acre and the amount of water per acre. First, it is formulated into a mother liquor, and then diluted twice. It is not allowed to add water directly into the cartridge.

Six, pay attention to the spraying period

Spring is the period of chemical herbicide weeding. Generally, wheat is the best time for chemical weeding, and the early control is not good. It is easy to produce phytotoxicity when it is too late.

Seven, pay attention to the timing of spraying

Choose sunny, no wind, daytime temperature is stable above 10 °C and no frost and heavy rain in 4 days, spraying time is 10~17 hours.

Eight, pay attention to the choice of medicine

In the spring wheat chemical weeding, we should pay attention to three points when using the medicine: First, do not use the sprayed herbicides; second, do not use the drugs that are serious in dripping; third, do not use the medicines that are not well atomized.

Nine, pay attention to the weather conditions

Can not be used in windy weather, in order to avoid the drift of the liquid, causing phytotoxicity to nearby sensitive crops; if the temperature is too high or the cold wave comes, do not use the medicine to avoid the phytotoxicity of the wheat seedling itself.

Ten, pay attention to the watering time after the medicine

Do not flood the wheat field with water in 5 days after application to avoid phytotoxicity.

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