Chinese furniture quietly rises up: becoming a leader in the furniture industry in the production process

January 07, 2021

Our Chinese nation is a nation that is very easy to accept foreign cultures. The official website of Shangmeijia Furniture believes that the change in the way of living is an example. However, over the past 100 years, we have gradually abandoned our own furniture culture due to the influence of Western furniture. We can today Faced with such a rich legacy of the ancients, our heart is full of profound guilt and infinite respect. Traditional Chinese furniture has brought us deeper enjoyment and the pleasure brought to us is inadvertent. It is these pleasures and pleasures that allow us to have the opportunity to speak with the ancients and walk with our culture.

The Chinese style furniture inherits the Chinese interior design style of Chinese classical architecture represented by the palace style. It is magnificent, magnificent, high space, large and deep, carved and decorated with magnificent beams, meticulously sculpted, meticulously sculpted, and contrasting in color. , pattern more dragons, phoenixes, turtles, lions, etc., carved, magnificent features, set art, health, collection value in one.
Shangmeijia furniture expresses the pursuit of an elegant, subtle, dignified Fenghua East-style spiritual realm. The most significant feature of carving on traditional furniture is the “four-character pattern” and “back” pattern of royal furniture! "Official hat" type, in the foot of the furniture to use more "horseshoe" type feet!

Chinese-style furniture is divided into Ming-style furniture and Qing-style furniture. Ming-style furniture mainly looks at lines and soft feelings. Qing-style furniture mainly depends on workmanship. Both the Ming and Qing styles are extremely symmetric about the symmetry, and are very collectible, well-being and symbolic. Traditionally, Chinese furniture is very particular about hardwood. Generally, hardwood is used as a material, such as chicken wing wood, Hainan pear, red sandalwood, African rosewood, agarwood and other rare valuable timber. This type of Chinese furniture is expensive and expensive.

The new Chinese style furniture is based on the traditional aesthetic norms, the use of modern materials and crafts, to interpret the classic essence of traditional Chinese culture, so that furniture not only has an elegant, dignified Chinese flavor, and has obvious modern features.

With the development of economy, the accelerating pace of modern life, and the high cost of traditional Chinese furniture, it is not suitable for the fast-paced life of modern people. As a result, modern Chinese furniture has been produced. Modern Chinese furniture abandons the complicated carvings and lines of traditional Chinese furniture.

The Shangmeijia furniture brand conforms to modern aesthetics and spiritual pursuits, retaining the artistic conception and spiritual symbolism of traditional Chinese furniture, and abandoning its tedious production process and various fine grain patterns. Modern Chinese furniture is often decorated with Chinese traditional elements such as antiques, calligraphy and porcelain in the interior decoration environment.

Due to the traditional Chinese style that dominates the Chinese style decoration style, the national style is very strong, especially in the color tone, with Zhu Hong, Blush, coffee, etc. as the main color, so the Chinese style of decoration is particularly solemn. The solemn color is dominant, and the design is naturally quiet and elegant. Therefore, the Chinese style decoration still has one of the biggest features and selling points.

Applicable objects of the new Chinese style: advocating national thoughts and national styles of middle-aged decoration owners; decoration owners influenced by Confucianism; personalized requirements favoring decoration of heavy-tone owners; owners who like elegant environment decoration.

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