Urea PTFE Coated Duster Bags Extend Service Life Tips

October 29, 2020

With the revision of the national environmental protection regulations and people’s awareness of environmental protection and reduction of operating costs, the bag filter gradually came into sight. The dust bag is a key part of the operation of the bag filter. Usually, the cylindrical filter bag hangs vertically in the dust collector. It is a dust removal and environmental protection product that is commonly used now. The dust bag will age out after being used for a period of time. What causes the dust bag to age? What are the reasons for accelerating the aging of dust bags?
1. Working condition temperature: If the temperature is too high, it will cause the dust bag to be burnt black and burned; if the temperature is low, it will accelerate the condensation phenomenon of the dust bag, resulting in paste phenomenon, resulting in the aging of the dust bag, affecting the use period .

2. Dust's dust nature: whether the dust contains acid, alkali, or corrosive substances. According to the nature of the dust, the filter material suitable for it is used. If the acid-base imbalance, the dust bag contact with acid and alkali can cause the dust bag to be damaged. Corrosion causes aging of the dust bag.

3, the moisture in the flue gas: Some dust bags and moisture will be decomposed for a long time contact, such as the polyester material as a dust bag, the dust bag which is decomposed by water is more susceptible to aging.

4. Dust bag clogging: After clogging, the resistance will increase, and the interval of cleaning will be shortened. These factors will accelerate the aging of the dust bag.

5, filter wind speed: bag filter dust filter speed is too high, will greatly shorten the life of the dust bag.

6, product quality: Some manufacturers use low-quality lines as raw materials for cost-saving processing, small sewing machines for processing equipment, produced a dust bag is not qualified, in the use of a period of time after the emergence of lines, cracks, falling bottom and so on.

The filter bag is the key element to determine the dust removal efficiency and working temperature of the bag filter. The cost of replacing the filter bag is the main maintenance cost of the bag filter. Therefore, the working life of the filter bag relates to the operating status and cost of the filter. To extend the life of the filter bag:

1. Select suitable filter media: The filter media should be based on the temperature and chemical characteristics of the gas; particle size, weight, shape, whether or not honing and dust concentration, filtration rate, cleaning method, emission concentration and bag type dust removal Factors such as the working system of the device.

In general, the pulse jet bag filter is made of needle felt; the chamber reversing bag filter or the mechanical vibrating bag filter is made of woven cloth.

2. Reasonable structure: The structure of the filter bag should meet the requirements of the filter and dust removal of the bag filter matched with it, and it is easy to install and seal reliably. The corresponding filter area and good filtering state are pursued, and the dust is easy to clean. Try to avoid wear and tear. Coordination with relevant parts is reasonable.

For example, the outer filter type synthetic fiber filter bag and the frame should be loosely fitted, and the outer filter type glass fiber filter bag should be closely matched with the small distance vertical bar frame; the inner filter type filter bag should consider and set the filter bag tension.

3, superb sewing technology: advanced technology, sewing size to meet the design requirements, and according to the type of filter and the use of temperature, set aside thermal shrinkage size; fully equipped, reasonable stitch length, no jump stitches, broken, sewing The line meets the requirements; accessories are of high quality, with reasonable fit, no burr or breakage to damage the filter bag; the entire filter bag has no defects such as pinholes, skipping yarns, and stains, and has proper packaging, and is not damaged or damp during storage and transportation. Fiberglass filter bags should not be heavily compressed and the storage period is too long, otherwise it will affect the service life.

4, the correct use of methods: (1) external filter bag installation method bag mouth and porous plate reliable sealing and fixation; filter bag vertically suspended under the porous plate; adjacent filter bag does not collide with each other; filter bag and frame with the correct The frame is straight and burr-free.

(2) The installation method of the inner filter type filter bag The upper end of the filter bag is equipped with a bag cap and is hung on the beam of the filter by a hanging device. The lower end and the lower bag are reliably sealed and fixed; the filter bag installation should adjust the tension to reach the specified value, so that the filter Bags do not loosen and fall off during filtration and back blowing, and are adjusted once in the first week and after the first month of use; the fittings inside the filter bag are properly fitted, and all fittings should not have burrs or breaks. .

5. Reliable and effective dust removal: When the filter bag is in use, the ash in the dust-increasing area gradually increases and the pressure difference rises. Effective dust removal and dust isolation are required to keep the pressure difference inside and outside the filter bag within the set range.

6, to prevent sudden abnormal conditions: bag filter during operation, should prevent sudden abnormal conditions, such as sudden increase in gas temperature, or corrosive gas into, or gas temperature suddenly dropped below the dew point, etc., by temperature, Humidity, chemical corrosion, mechanical wear, or impact and other factors damage the ultrafiltration bag's resistance.

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