Socket protection cover necessary? How to arrange outlet switch

October 24, 2020

The socket protection cover can play a protective role and be prepared to prevent any possibility of accidents. There are more need to use the socket protection cover in the home , but there are still many people do not pay attention to this issue. Today, Xiao Bian wants to talk to everyone about the need to install the socket protection cover ? And how to arrange the socket switch! Hope to give Everyone has some help.

Is the socket cover necessary to install?

80% of babies in households that installed socket protective covers. At home, the baby is still young, more fun, groping around, studying things, the baby found the power socket in the room, because the original fixed socket is very high, we have to use a power outlet, but the baby is not The danger does not play, hands itch the left touch, Dong Hao, put things on the ground is not satisfied, but also love to touch this power mobile socket, the baby's fingers are so small, really dangerous, usually want to close At the same time, we must also be prepared to prevent ourselves from carelessly leaking, and it is very necessary to install the socket protection cover. So buy some safety socket protective cover online, there are two feet, there are three teaching, depending on the specific circumstances, this protective cover is still very easy to use, easy to insert, easy to take away, that is, the baby can not open.

How to arrange the outlet switch:

1. The opening direction of the adjacent entrance door arranged with the room socket switch is towards the right.

2, the height of the furniture before the door switch.

3. It is recommended to use night light for the general door switch. This is to provide convenience for us to switch at night. Otherwise, the wall will be dirty because of long-term exploration.

4. The arrangement of the room socket switch arrangement is generally between 120 cm and 135 cm;

5. The wall outlets for home audio-visual equipment, desk lamps, and wiring boards, etc. are generally about 30 cm from the ground;

6. The height of the outlet of the washing machine from the ground is about 120 cm to 150 cm;

7. The outlet of the refrigerator is about 150 to 180 centimeters;

8. The height of the outlet from the air conditioning and exhaust fans is approximately 190 to 200 cm.

The above is the socket protection cover that Xiaobian gives everyone to install and how to arrange the socket switch. After reading it, I hope everyone can pay attention to this aspect. There is still a need to install the socket protection cover in the home. There is also a reasonable installation for the layout. I hope the above introduction can help everyone. If you want to know other relevant information, please continue Concerned about this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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