Villa balcony guardrail material introduction Villa balcony guardrail height standard

October 19, 2020

How to design a villa balcony guardrail , no matter if it is an ordinary house or a villa house, the decoration on the balcony needs attention. In the guardrail design of the balcony, we must decide according to the safety standards. In this way, our daily life can be guaranteed. Today, Xiao Bian gave everyone a talk about how the villa balcony guardrail is designed and related knowledge.

Villa balcony guardrail material introduction

1. The villa balcony guardrail adopts the design of the carbon steel balcony guardrail. This type of balcony guardrail is used for the community balcony as isolation protection, carbon steel pole, strong texture and never rust. The handrails are delicate, green, and simple to create, making the environment more comfortable and comfortable.

2. When the villa balcony rails are made of PVC material, the use of socket-and-socket attachments on the installation can greatly increase the installation speed. The universal joint-style connection also makes the fences easier to use at random angles and in different directions on slopes or uneven floors. For installation, its hardness is harder than wood, more elastic and high impact resistance than cast iron, long service life, delicate touch, green environmental protection, and simple and clean molding.

3. The villa balcony railing is made of clip glass material. This kind of design has a small glass area on the pillar and the middle of the handrail. It mainly highlights the feeling of the pillar and is simple and strong. It is suitable for most modern garden balcony railings.

Villa balcony rail height requirements

The height of the balcony guardrail of the villa is not to be less than 1.05M, according to: “General Principles of Civil Building Design” GB 50352-2005 6.6.3 Balcony, veranda, indoor cloister, inner patio, master roof and outdoor stairs Protective barriers should be provided and should comply with the following requirements:

1. The railing should be made of strong, durable materials and can withstand the horizontal loads specified in the load specification;

2. When the height of the corridor is less than 24m, the height of the railing shall not be less than 1.05m. When the height of the airport is more than 24m and 24m (including high-rise residential buildings), the height of the railing shall not be less than 1.10m;

3. Paragraph 2. The height of railings on balconies, verandahs, etc. shall exceed the height of the person's center of gravity in order to avoid falling from the center of gravity when the body rails are removed. According to the relevant body's 1980 measurements of China's 14 provinces, the average height of Chinese men is 1656.03mm, and the height of the center of gravity of the adult body is 994mm. The height of the center of gravity after wearing shoes is 994+20=1014mm. The "fixed industrial protective railing" stipulates: "The height of the guard rail shall not be less than 1050mm."

These are the villa balcony fence material introduced, height requirements villa balcony fence. The above knowledge hopes that everyone can look at it, if the home decoration can be in accordance with this standard, to create a comfortable and safe balcony space. Hope you can help everyone, if you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

Villa Balcony Railing

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