Domestic 5-inch AMQ LED display wins victory over AMOLED

September 15, 2020

Birth of 5-inch AMQ LED Display Made in China

Recently, Chinese manufacturer BOE announced that it has successfully developed a 5-inch AMQLED (Active Electroluminescent Quantum Dot Luminescence) display.

According to BOE official news, on March 10, the company developed a 5-inch active quantum dot light emitting display product (AMQLED), which is the key national R&D project of the Ministry of Science and Technology under the leadership of BOE. Study the results of the project.

Unlike LCD backlighting, which uses quantum dot materials to expand the color gamut, AMQLED directly uses the inkjet printing process to fabricate QLEDs to achieve full-color display with a color gamut exceeding 100%.

As we all know, liquid crystal products can not emit light by themselves, and need to be used as a backlight source for display. The quantum dot television that appeared on the market earlier is a liquid crystal television using a quantum dot backlight technology.

The quantum dot backlight technology uses quantum dot materials instead of the phosphor luminous layer in the conventional LED backlight to form an LED backlight with a quantum film, and its display color can be increased by more than 30% compared with conventional LED-backlit televisions.

The AMQLED is more advanced than the quantum dots. It adopts active electroluminescent quantum dot light-emitting display, which completely eliminates the need for a backlight source. Injecting current can make the quantum dot to emit light. The structure of the display device is similar to the active organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED). In comparison, although the light source is different, AMQLED will change the light source from organic light emitting material to inorganic quantum dot.

However, compared with AMOLED, AMQLEDs are generally considered to have the advantages of long life, wide color gamut, and low cost, and are widely regarded as more disruptive display technologies after AMOLED, especially in the field of large-size active light-emitting displays. There will be stronger competitiveness.


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