In order to raise the gambling capital day to take away the safe

September 06, 2020

In order to raise gambling funds, in the middle of the day, the stolen safes were towed to Penghu, which was 1 km away, and then the safes were taken away from the cabinets. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Criminal Investigation Team of Xiamen Siming Public Security Bureau that the 20-year-old Lin was detained by the police for suspected housebreaking. The current case is still under investigation.

In May, a store on Kok Bin Road was stolen. When the shop owner opened the store in the morning, he found that a ladder was placed on the left side of the shop's doorway. The shop had traces of being turned and the safe on the third floor was pulled out. There was a hammer and electric drill next to it. The owner stated that the doors and windows in the shop had not been shaken, but the window on the third floor was not closed. The thief should have climbed a ladder to enter the shop from the 3rd floor window.

One month ago, at a store on Weixiang West Road, thieves also climbed into the third floor of the store in the early morning with the help of a ladder, and local materials were used to destroy the safe by using existing kitchen knives, iron hammers and other tools in the third floor. More than 10,000 yuan in cash stolen.

In July, the safe of Mr. Fan’s home in Meiren Community suddenly disappeared. After investigating the police, it was discovered that the burglar entered the room by knocking the padlock on the door. Since the safe in the bedroom has wheels, it can be slipped. The burglars use sheets and clothes to wrap up the safe and even push the belt to drag the safe to the side of the lake. After that, the safe is damaged and the gold inside is stolen. , cash, other documents and safes were thrown into the lake.

The police identified the suspects as Lin by stringing together the cases along the streets of the Lujiang and Yongxiang areas, the multiple windows in the old district, and the case of stealing the safes through padlocks, combined with the video surveillance collected around the crime scene. He rented out of the island and went home every day after entering the island. Subsequently, the police investigating the case stayed close to Lin's rental house, but he was alert and refused to return home for several days. The police further discovered that Lin often passed near the second phase of sm. He ambushed and waited there and arrested him on August 22 and seized 3 jade bracelets and several gold necklaces on the spot.

Lin said that each time he steals, he will be sold soon. The jade bracelets and gold necklaces that were caught when they were caught were stolen from the betel households a few days ago. Because they were fake, they could not be sold. Lin explained the location of the sale, and the police arrested Wu and Zhong, the sales staff at the first shop in the west.

20-year-old Lin Fuding people, due to gambling sex, owed a lot of gambling money, under multiple debt collection, embarked on the road to theft of other people's property. Through police investigation and evidence collection, Lin confirmed that there were more than 20 burglary cases involving Lin, involving more than 200,000 yuan in value, and all the stolen money was used for gambling.

Lin confessed that he chose to steal the target, mainly along the street stores and prevention of weak awareness of the community. When stealing, he will most often carry screwdrivers, pliers, crowbars, and sometimes on the spot.

In response to this case, the police reminded the public that, under normal circumstances, the burglar thief would give up if the shackles were used for more than one minute, so try not to use an overly simple cylinder at home.

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