How does the villa feng shui "hidden water"? Hehe furniture tells you

August 30, 2020

Hehe Furniture Newsletter wants to own a villa of its own. The purchase and arrangement of the villas must be feng shui. The feng shui is the "sand of water". Today's urban houses have their own feng shui. So what should be paid attention to in the villa Feng Shui?


1, the courtyard

The front yard is "financial", the courtyard should be kept clean, not paying attention to the grandeur of the luxury, but there must be a certain amount of flowers and plants, the amount can be, the ground of the courtyard can not have moss moisture. Baihufang can't plant big trees (sick wife and children), don't put flower stands (white tigers, trivial things). Put less stones, sand, and sawdust. The motor or washing machine cannot be placed on the right side of the courtyard. The washing machine will affect the breathing difficulties. The toilet on the right side of the courtyard cannot be built. The warehouse (called tiger, children are difficult to teach).

2, living room

The living room should be designed at the front of the villa. After entering the gate, the living room will be seen, while the kitchen, bedroom and other functional spaces should be behind the living room. The space design configuration is reversed, and the living room is set at the last side, which is a pattern of financial withdrawal, which makes it easy for the financial sector to decline. Even from the experience of the occupants, the living room is a public space. Whether it is a hospitality or family gathering, the living room should be used as an activity space. It is most suitable to be located in front of the main entrance.


3, the kitchen

The kitchen is not suitable for the door. The kitchen should avoid the following three points:

First, it is best not to choose an irregular space as a kitchen, which will affect the health of the family. This is the most important need to avoid.

Second, the kitchen should not be opposite to the gate, because the kitchen has the symbol of wealth, the gate is the entrance to the qi, and the family must go in and out. The kitchen is opposite to the gate, which will cause the wealth to be exposed, which is a financial burden.

Third, the kitchen is best not to be placed next to the master bedroom. In Feng Shui, the kitchen is a cloudy area. It is close to the long-term, which easily affects the family's temper and becomes dark and the personality becomes deep. stable.

4, bedroom

It is appropriate to choose the shape of the bedroom. It is not advisable to choose the space of the beveled or polygonal shape as the bedroom. The slanted bedroom creates an illusion of sight, and the polygonal bedroom creates a sense of oppression. Over time, it increases the mental burden of the person. Over time, it can easily lead to illness and accidents. When you sleep, you should pay attention to a safe and quiet environment. The door is the only way to get in and out of the bedroom. Therefore, the door cannot be placed on the bed, which makes it easy for people sleeping in bed to feel insecure and at the same time detrimental to health.

It is natural to live in a big price to buy a villa. It is a good feng shui villa that can help people's fortune and good health. The above is the information about the villa feng shui precautions, want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to Hehe furniture  

Source: Hehe Furniture

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