Public health partition

July 31, 2020

In the renovation of public toilets, finished partitions are a very common type of partitioning products. The styles of public toilet products are mostly simple, but there are also some public toilets that are luxuriously decorated. It also has certain requirements in terms of partition selection, style and material. Today, explains the public health partition materials and prices for everyone.


1, tempered glass

In general, tempered glass is widely used as a material for the partition of bathroom products. Because of its transparent nature, the glass is very easy to clean, has high durability, and has a long service life. The bathroom is generally damp, and the waterproof characteristics of the tempered glass are very good. In addition, the tempered glass will give a warm feeling in appearance, and the finished product partition of this material is very popular in the household bathroom. According to market research, the price of bathroom finished products for tempered glass materials fluctuates around 240-390 yuan per square meter.

2, wood-based panels

12 or 18mm thick phenolic resin high pressure board, moisture proof, crash resistant, stain resistant, easy to clean. No seaming and seam processing, combined with novel hardware accessories, the overall appearance is the same.


3, aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloys have been widely used as new materials in modern styles. Of course, the same waterproof features as tempered glass make the bathroom finished partitions also use the emerging materials of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloys are waterproof, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, and durable, but the cost will be higher.

4, natural stone

The structure is solid, easy to stick to alkali and yellow; the texture is good, the door leaf needs to be matched with other materials, and the overallity is slightly poor.


5, anti-double board

The anti-Bite board is currently the most popular material in the finished bathroom partition. The production process is made by impregnating melamine resin with decorative colored paper, and laminating a plurality of black or brown kraft paper impregnated phenolic resin, and then pressing the steel plate through a high temperature (150 ° C) high pressure (1430 psi) environment, which belongs to a kind of Wood-based panels. Due to the rich color pattern of the artificial process, it is also a particularly widely used material. In terms of price, the anti-double board is also very moderate, generally floating at 320 yuan per square meter.

6, composite board

Honeycomb board external splint and US-resistant board, light weight, easy to get wet degummed or corroded; aluminum or stainless steel edge strip treatment, easy to deform and oxidize, water and gas easy to invade and swell and corrosion; door, door post, partition need to be seam or metal The overall effect is poor.

7, plastic

Plastic material, waterproof, but not resistant to high temperature, not scratch resistant, easy to deform and pollution; seams, seams are susceptible to water and gas erosion; poor texture, easy to deform, less color choice.

The above is the public health interval knowledge that Xiaobian has compiled for you. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the official website of our website.

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