The bathroom in the master bedroom changed to the cloakroom.

July 28, 2020

Prices are high, and as people demand more and more space, they hope that every inch of space in the home can be reasonably used. In order to make full use of the space while satisfying the dream of the hostess that I gave myself a lot of clothes and a home, I decided to change the bathroom in the master bedroom to a cloakroom. How can I change the bathroom to a cloakroom ? The design of the bathroom change locker room may be the use of space to facilitate themselves. However, experts have warned friends: Maybe it was because of this small change that it hurt the "strength" and led to problems in the future. If you are interested in this, you may wish to follow me to find out if you can change your dressing room to a dressing room .

How can you change the bathroom to the cloakroom?

If the whole or part of the bathroom is changed to a cloakroom or used for other purposes, it will certainly damage the "sewer" system and affect the feng shui at home. It is recommended not to change the bathroom to a cloakroom.

No bathroom can be remodeled unless the house is designed and constructed as other rooms. Otherwise, you will not blame yourself for bad health, emotional problems, and decline in fortune.

Toilet change cloakroom matters needing attention

1. Construction: The bathroom was originally waterproofed, and the original waterproof layer may be destroyed. Therefore, waterproofing should be done again, such as on the roof, walls, and the ground. The closet is best not to be close to the wall, in the middle can use the keel structure to leave a certain gap, the bottom of the cabinet is also best from the ground a certain distance. Although changed to a cloakroom, it is best to pack all the pipes on top of the ceiling for use in restoring the bathroom.


2. Selection of materials: There are many types of ceiling materials and they are changed into cloakrooms. The ceiling is best used with microporous aluminum gussets to provide ventilation and prevent condensation. If gypsum board is used as ceiling, we must pay attention to choose waterproof gypsum board and apply waterproof latex paint. The door of the cloakroom is preferably made of a wear-resistant plate with good moisture resistance and a polymer-polymerized plate, and a rust-proof metal is used as a supporting foot at the bottom of the cabinet.

The design point of changing toilets in the bathroom

Some toilets can be changed into cloakrooms, which will not destroy feng shui, but also give yourself the convenience of fitting. From the perspective of feng shui, we should place plants that can absorb helium in the cloakroom to purify the air. Because the bathroom will be separated from the cloakroom when it is remodeled, the effect of blocking helium is still very good.


After changing the toilet to a cloakroom, would you like to change it back to the toilet?

The main points to note: 1. Everything in the toilet must be removed. For example: The water pipes and toilet pipes under the sink should be sealed. 2. After removal, the floor is the same level (needs cement leveling). There may not be any strips on the wall. Do you want to keep the exhaust fans? 3. Change to the cloakroom plate: high density board, multi-deck, large core board, particle board, solid finger board.

Since we can change the past, we will certainly be able to change it back. The main problems are those drainpipes. If they are plugged in or out of service, it will be more troublesome.

Editor's summary: The above is the master bedroom bathroom change cloakroom okay moisture can not be underestimated the relevant knowledge, hoping to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content.

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