Do you know the doorway when you buy a dishwasher?

July 25, 2020

Nowadays, there are more and more people understanding the dishwasher. Many people also want to add such a magic to their kitchen. If you also have plans to buy a dishwasher, then you are advised to learn the following knowledge from the time of decoration. , buy the most desirable dishwasher.

Installation method

At present, the dishwasher is mainly installed on the table top and embedded. The built-in dishwasher will make the kitchen look more tidy, but it is necessary to reserve the cabinet, so if you plan to install the embedded dishwasher, then it is in the decoration. It is best to reserve the cabinet position of the dishwasher, and the cabinet must have the reserved wire, water inlet, and outlet pipe position.

Built-in dishwasher

If the home kitchen is really no place, don't worry, you can choose a dishwasher on the table, separate the dishwasher into the kitchen and balcony like a washing machine, or put it directly on the cabinet.

Bench-top dishwasher


If the installation method has been selected, the next step is to purchase the capacity. At present, the capacity of the dishwasher product is about 4 sets, 6 sets, 8 sets, 9 sets and 12 sets. The number of sets generally refers to the number of sets of cutlery. Because the Chinese are used to washing dishes every meal, some people will buy according to the population of their family. At present, the on-board type of dishwasher is relatively small in size. If you are used to washing dishes according to the family population, then the on-stage type is a good choice.

It is also worth mentioning that the capacity of 4 sets and 6 sets of these dishwashers is mostly not put in the pot. If you want to put the pots in the wash when you are going to wash the dishes, then it is recommended that you buy them. The capacity of the dishwasher, and now many large-capacity dishwashers are also equipped with a half-wash function, it is still good.

Of course, in addition to the traditional dishwasher products, there is also a sink dishwasher. This kind of dishwasher combines the sink and the dishwasher into one, which is more economical. What kind of products should be purchased according to your own needs? Come, don't know what kind of dishwasher you decided to buy?

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