Marble Crystal Polishing Process Benefits of Marble Polishing

July 25, 2020

In recent years, marble has been widely used in home renovations, and it is also popular among people because it is durable, attractive in appearance, and inexpensive, so inexpensive decoration materials are certainly welcome. Next Xiaobian introduced the advantages of marble crystal polishing process and marble polishing.

Marble crystal polishing process

1. Rough grinding: When rough grinding, we require deep grinding of the grinding piece, high grinding efficiency, rough grinding lines, rough surface, and the main role is to clear the marble. Traces of the saw blade left in the previous process and grinding the flat and shaped surface of the stone in place.

2. Fine grinding: The pattern, grain, and color of the marble surface after fine grinding have been clearly shown, and the surface is fine and smooth, and the finely ground marble begins to have a weak gloss.

3. Grinding: There are no traces visible to the naked eye on polished marble, and the surface will be more and more smooth, and the maximum lightness can reach more than 55 degrees.

4. Polishing: After we had done the first few steps, we used a special marble polishing machine to grind marble from coarse to fine from 50-3000 stone water-abrasive discs, which could make the ground bright and smooth. The polished and polished marble surface is bright, and the marble can reach 85 degrees.

The advantages of marble polishing

1. The polished stone surface shines brightly and is highly layered.

2, lower costs, time, labor.

3, to prevent the infiltration of the material into the inner layer of stone, enhance the wear resistance of the stone, non-slip and other effects, use the least cost to achieve the maximum maintenance effect.

4. There will be no scratches on the stone surface caused by the use of steel wool.

5, will not make the stone surface discoloration or leave yellow embroidered rust.

Crystallization of marble

1, from the wax cleaning: use wax water, with the washing machine on the ground from the wax scrub, the surface thoroughly cleaned;

2, do seamless processing;

3, using pure water to crystal powder into a paste, coated on the polishing pad;

4, using 175 rev / min grazing machine load 45KG began grinding, keep the ground moist during operation;

5. When the surface of the tile forms a high-gloss crystal face, use a suction machine to suck off the remaining paste on the floor.

Editor's summary: The advantages of marble crystal polishing process and marble polishing are introduced here, and we hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

Marble marble crystal polishing

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