Home improvement lighting with home improvement lighting installation skills

July 24, 2020

Modern lighting has not only the role of lighting, but more of it is the role of decoration. Because of the different layouts of different spaces, there should be different choices when installing lamps. Then, the next Xiaobian to introduce home improvement lighting and home improvement lighting installation techniques.

Home improvement lighting with bedroom lighting

The bedroom is the most inseparable space in our home environment and our daily rest. After a busy day, the bedroom can provide us with a quiet, stable rest space, which brings people a sense of relaxation. Therefore, in the choice of bedroom lamps and lanterns, generally use the lighter lamp can be slightly weaker, lighting as much as possible to warm colors. The choice of lighting style can be based on the bedroom's overall decoration style, with crystal lamps, ceiling lamps and so on. In addition to the main luminaires, it is also possible to place a table lamp in the bedside table of the bedroom, or to place wall-mounted lamps on both sides of the bed for night use.

Home improvement lighting with living room lighting

The living room, as a place where the entire family is together to rest and entertain relatives and friends, will generally be relatively simple and generous in decoration, and the space will be large enough to look comfortable. For the choice of lamps in the living room, it is determined from the distance of the living room and the height of the entire room to decide what kind of lighting. If the room height is enough, then according to the specific living room style, choose lamps, if the height is not enough, it is recommended to choose a simple ceiling lamp, should not install a larger crystal lamp, it will look the entire living room, very heavy, space is instantly compressed.

Home improvement lighting with kitchen lighting

The kitchen is a culinary delicacy that allows families to gather and share happy places. However, due to the relatively large amount of oil in the kitchen environment and the placement of various types of household electrical appliances, it is necessary to choose the lighting options in the kitchen as simple as possible, which does not occupy space. In the current market, the introduction of anti-oil, LED lighting is more suitable. Or, depending on the overall style of decoration, the switches selected should be equipped with moisture-proof facilities, and the light should be chosen to be bright.

Home improvement lighting with study lighting

The study room provides residents with an office environment. The decoration of the entire study is generally simple and generous, and will not add too many fancy objects. In addition to the chandeliers and ceiling lamps, the study room lamps will also be decorated with table lamps. In the choice of brightness, it is necessary to meet the temperament of the study, but also to provide enough light for office, reading. Ordinary ordinary light bulbs emit reddish light. When working or reading books, it is not conducive to seeing the typeface. Therefore, white light, sufficient brightness, and warmer lighting should be selected.

Home improvement lighting installation skills

1, when installing the lamp, if you install sub-control switch, you can save a lot of trouble. Because if there is only one master switch and several lights are on and off together, the light and darkness of the light can not be selected, and electric energy will be wasted, and a sub-control switch can be installed to select several lights according to needs at any time. If there is an aisle at the entrance of the house, it is best to install a switch at the end of the aisle so that the power can be turned off directly after entering the house without having to walk back to the door to turn off the lights.

2, the lighting system should be set to be adjustable, that is, when you feel the light is dim or dazzling, you can adjust, people will feel more comfortable and more comfortable.

3, the color temperature of the light should be consistent with the atmosphere of the room, at least to be similar to the color temperature of other areas of the room. Lamps can be installed in the uppermost place to reduce shadows during work.

4, do not only install a single lighting source in the center, in order to better lighting the kitchen, should be installed in the kitchen by a different lighting and light source composed of multi-level lighting system.

5, the installation site is also very important. Straight incandescent lamps or fluorescent lamps should be installed toward the front of the cabinet. In this way, part of the light emitted by the lamp will hit the rear baffle, and then it will be reflected on the operating platform and then shot toward the center of the entire space.

6, if the space is high enough, you can install a transparent or translucent chandeliers on the ceiling as a light source, chandeliers can not only provide excellent lighting, but also a very good decorative items.

7, lighting installation, the most important thing is to be solid, you can use your hand, feel it.

8, the bottom cover of the lamp should be close to the ceiling, can not shake.

9, if it is a chandelier, there will be extended from the top of the wire to the lamp head, it should be noted that this wire can not be taut, it should be loosely wrapped around the lever to go, otherwise later this long-tight wire is very easy Problems.

10. Carefully check that there are no exposed wires.

11, In addition, many ceiling lamps have anti-scratch film on the top, need to be peeled off after installation, the exposed person knows, very difficult, in fact, there is a small trick, you can blow this film with a hair dryer, and then expose It can be peeled off very easily.

Editor's summary: The home improvement lighting fixtures and home improvement lighting installation techniques are introduced here, and hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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