How much is a stone cabinet: a comprehensive analysis of home improvement stone cabinets

July 21, 2020

As a high-grade building decoration material, Stone is widely used in interior and exterior decoration design, curtain wall decoration and public facilities construction. The stones commonly found on the market are mainly divided into natural stone and artificial stone. With the development of architectural design, stone has already become one of the important raw materials for construction, decoration, roads and bridge construction. Just a friend who hasn't understood the stone, I really don't know how much the stone cabinet is a meter. Don't worry, let me introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the stone cabinets and how much the stone cabinets cost one meter. I hope to help my friends who have this need!

[The advantages of stone cabinets]

1. As a very expensive material, the pattern of marble surface is various, and there are many choices of colors. It is the material that the rich people like most, which reflects the status of people. Therefore, this is the majority. The reason for choosing marble.

2, the high temperature resistance of marble is very good, for the Kitchen environment, the temperature is relatively high, it will not have any effect on it, and the marble is not afraid of water, the general stains will be wiped off with a towel, serious Just add a little detergent.

3, marble is the metamorphic rock formed by the original rock in the earth's crust through the high temperature and high pressure in the earth's crust. Its appearance is gorgeous and exquisite, the texture is clear and delicate, often used to make all kinds of furniture and art crafts, not easy to deform, high hardness, scratch resistance Long service life, no magnetization, etc.

[Disadvantages of stone cabinets]

1. Marble is a material with high hardness and high density. Therefore, it needs a very strong cabinet to support, and there are certain deficiencies in the elasticity. If there is a heavy blow or a sudden change in temperature, there will be some cracks inside, which is difficult to repair, which greatly affects the appearance.

2, due to the high hardness of the marble itself, so it is prone to cracks after a long time of use, which affects the beauty of the cabinet, and it is not easy to clean when the dirt penetrates.

3. If the marble is still used for a long time after cracking, some stains hidden in the cracks of the marble will become the best growing environment for the bacteria. For a long time, the bacteria will become more and more, which will eventually cause a certain health. Hazard.

4, the whole cabinet countertop can not be composed of only one piece of marble, so it is necessary to use splicing technology to splicing multiple pieces of marble. No matter how good the splicing technology is, it is impossible to make the entire table surface integrated, so there will be some cracks in the cabinet.

[How much is a stone cabinet?

The pattern of each piece of marble is different, and the price of marble cabinets varies with the color of the suit. In general, the price of marble cabinets is around 200 yuan a meter. Of course, this price is for reference only, and the specific price should be based on the actual price.

[Stone cabinet maintenance method]

1. Wipe with warm water and a soft and clean cotton cloth or sponge. Do not use too much water in the process of cleaning the marble cabinets. Just make sure that the cotton cloth and sponge are slightly wet.

2. If the marble cabinet is too dirty, apply a small amount of dry borax and a clean damp cloth, gently scrub the marble, then dry it with a dry cloth, knowing that the marble cabinet looks bright.

3, marble cabinets have the ability to last long-term anti-injury, but we should always pay more attention to avoid contact with strong chemicals, do not touch strong acid detergents, etc. If you accidentally contact, you should immediately use a lot of soap The water is washed to the surface of the marble cabinet.

4, can not place high temperature objects directly inside the marble cabinet, so as not to have a bad effect on it, so that the cabinet is damaged.

5, you can often use a wet rag to remove the scale on the marble cabinet surface, and then wipe with a dry cloth, remember to keep the marble cabinet dry

Summary: The above is how much the stone cabinets are worth a meter. Tips: Give the cabinets a lot of "live" five years of introduction. In fact, each material has its advantages and disadvantages, just like the marble that is so popular. The characteristics of the cabinets produced are also good or bad. Therefore, when we choose marble cabinets, we should look at the price according to the quality and color.

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