How is macaw flooring quality?

November 28, 2019

The mysterious and beautiful macaws are produced in tropical regions of the Americas and are now mainly distributed in South America. It is a forest of good nature. Gorgeous dazzling, colorful. Macaw floor founder Mr. Jiang Lao Square was founded in Hong Kong in King Kong, for justice "sharp tools, precision manufacturing, durable" magic parrot floor, has a high price, as well as more long history, many bought consumer Its evaluation is also very good. If you don't know anything about the floor of the parrot , you may wish to check it out!

The origin of the steel parrot floor

The Parrot floor is a flagship brand produced by Hong Kong Horse Teak Co., Ltd. invested in the re-continent in 1995—Guangdong Nanhai Jingcheng Wood. Its name is derived from the English word, meaning "Gold steel parrot, big sunflower parrot." The parrot is produced in tropical regions of the Americas and is now mainly distributed in South America, Australia and other places. It is brave, wise, and beautifully feathered. It withstands wind and rain in nature, but it is still in perfect shape in the sky. soar. Mr. Jiang Lao, the founder of the gold parrot, founded Jingang Square in 1913. At the time of its founding, Mr. Jiang Lao used it to acquire the meaning of “sharp tool, precision manufacturing, and durability”. His son promoted Mr. Jiang’s career and transformed it into a parrot.

Classification of steel parrot floor

The classification of the floor is more, from the characteristics of the floor divided into crystal surface, embossed surface, locking, silent, waterproof. From its thickness, it is divided into eight millimeters and twelve millimeters. From the perspective of environmental protection, thin is better than thick one. Because the thin unit area uses less glue. Divided from the standard, standard, wide and narrow. The standard is generally 191-195 mm. The length is about 1200 and about 1300. The wide version has a length of 1200 mm and a width of 295 mm. Narrow plates, lengths of 900 to 1000 mm, and widths of about 100 mm.

Parrot floor - quality

The macaw floor furniture has been sought after and loved by Hong Kong and Macao officials, and has more than 200 skilled craftsmen in its heyday. Laid the status of the Kong Gangfang industry. In 1998, the factory floor registered “Guangdong Jingcheng Wood” from Germany, Italy, Spain, and other places to introduce large-scale mathematics-controlled wooden floor production lines to further enhance the quality of its products and enable millions of families around the world to enjoy King Kong. Parrot floor quality and service.


Parrot floor - environmental protection

The "blue heart" substrate used on the macaw floor is non-toxic and harmless, and it also has antibacterial metal ions. The nanotechnology award was made into an inorganic antibacterial half-body, and the special process was to evenly disperse the nano-antibacterial agent and fix it in the "blue heart" substrate. So that the floor with a slow release of antibacterial metal silver ions, to achieve effective antibacterial and inhibit bacteria, mold growth effect.

The purchase of steel parrot flooring

When choosing a floor, in addition to understanding the type of floor you need, you should also pay attention to the purchase process. Buy the floor must be the floor of the regular manufacturers, do not buy three products, pay attention to their own buy is not genuine. When purchasing, you need to understand the performance of the floor indicators, to see how many times the surface of the floor nailed to wear the number of revolutions? The amount of formaldehyde released should be tested for compliance, its substrate density, surface bonding strength, water absorption thickness, surface scratch resistance, resistance to cigarette burns, and its surface impact resistance. These factors should be understood when purchasing. In order to secure the purchase, it is recommended to purchase at the point of sale of the steel floor parrots so as not to buy shoddy products.


Parrot floor prices

Balfour (white ivory) 900*70*18 180

Large fruit Anas (South American Black Walnut) 900*120*18 235

Merbau (pineapple grid) 900*93*18 195

Teak composite 900*93*12 265

Pontianak Iron Pillar (Pai Lin) 900*120*18 165

Picking Asian Wood (Teak Tan) 900*92*18 185

Iron Wire (Red Rosewood) 910*91*15 178

Iron Su wood (Jin Tan) 910*93*18 230

Two winged beans (Long Feng Tan) 900*93*18 200

Wing Bean (Hawk) 910*93*18 270

Tea scent (musk) 909*90.5*18 225

Malay Gambar (gold is not changed) 1200*122*18 140

Sapwood (South American teak) 900*120*18 210

Summary: Gold Parrot floor, regardless of the brand or its quality are counted as, its price is reasonable. If your home is facing the floor purchase problem, you may wish to consider this floor, because it's overall relatively good.

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