What kind of wood flooring is good How to buy solid wood flooring

November 25, 2019

Nowadays, people living in urban areas are increasingly pursuing the wind of nature. Solid wood furniture has become the primary choice for people in this area. The proportion of solid wood flooring in the selection of solid wood furniture is relatively large, but the market is facing the market. On the solid wood flooring of a variety of materials, consumers do not know what type of solid wood flooring is good ? Here, just follow me to see what solid wood flooring is good ?

What kind of wood is better ?

What kinds of wood are there on the solid wood floor?

Before we understand the kind of wood in solid wood flooring, let's talk about the types of wood on the solid wood floor. The wood we usually refer to as solid wood flooring is mainly teak, mahogany, walnut wood, ash, redwood, northeastern crucian carp, willow crucian carp, elm wood, elm wood, birch wood, color wood, beech, cherry wood, cypress , Taxus chinensis, Korean pine, pineapple, walnut peony, camphor wood, yellowwood, buckwheat, red peony, wild jujube and so on.


Several common wood flooring wood introduction

What kind of wood is better? The first paragraph: Tochigi

The wood of the coffin is generally hard, and its wood texture is very beautiful, clear, and the density is also very good. In general, there are few defects in the wood material, and those in other woods are basically not. The floorboards made by some floor manufacturers can be unpainted, so let it be kept. The original wood color and wood grain are very beautiful and beautiful.


What kind of wood is better? Second paragraph: Cherry wood

In the cherry wood floor, Burma cherry wood is preferred, Burma cherry wood has a straight texture, and the color of the wood is very uniform. Its defect is that its natural wood color is too dark red, which leads to it only Used in some Chinese-style decorating homes.


What kind of wood is better? The third paragraph: Gan Croton

The wood species used in the solid wood floor of Gancrop are more originated, which leads to the unevenness of its material and a certain gap. There are no special requirements in its construction and manufacturing, but there is a point to consider. It is the characteristics of the wood itself, at this point Xiaobian suggested the use of floor paint on the use of crystal floor paint or semi-matt floor paint.

Summary: Which kind of wood is better for solid wood flooring? There is no good type of wood, and there is no absolute kind of poor wood. Various types of wood have their own characteristics. When consumers choose According to the advantages of the relevant wood to choose to adapt to your home living solid wood flooring.

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