Infrared camera shooting facial thermal imaging innovation face recognition [Full text]

November 24, 2019

Scientific and technological developments in the field of biometrics, facial recognition for all of us have not unfamiliar, use facial recognition system in the field of attendance, access control, authentication, security has become increasingly mature.

Face recognition is the most intuitive and most commonly used means of identity authentication. Face recognition is divided into two modes: static recognition and dynamic recognition. The so-called static recognition is used to identify the face image is a static image, and the background and other external conditions remain unchanged. In this case, face detection and segmentation are very simple, and the distance between different images of the same face is relatively small, so the recognition becomes relatively easy.

Infrared camera shooting facial thermal imaging innovative face recognition

Dynamic face recognition refers to the recognition of faces in the context of complex changes. There are many interference factors in this recognition mode. At present, it is only in the laboratory research stage, and many problems need to be resolved. Face recognition also mainly utilizes the positional relationships among various parts of the human face such as the eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, and chin. At present, the effective algorithms used in face recognition are basic element analysis (PCA), linear discrimination analysis (LDA), singular point decomposition (SVD), local feature analysis, and various neural network-based algorithms.

However, scientists have developed a new face recognition method that can identify people without facial features. Use a thermal imaging camera to perform infrared scanning directly on your face. The preliminary image will then be passed back to the computer using a specific algorithm. The final image we will obtain will be a complete perspective of the arterial and venous distribution - including tiny capillaries.

This method is called facial thermal image recognition. Its basic principle is that when the heat passes through the facial tissue, it will be diverged by the skin, so that the subcutaneous blood system presents a unique facial signal. This signal can be captured by an infrared camera and is often referred to as a facial thermal image. Face recognition is difficult to counterfeit relative to face recognition. Even delicate surgery is difficult to rewire the blood vessel, changing its structure; and obtaining a facial thermal image does not depend on an external light source. However, the uniqueness and stability of the facial thermal image remains to be further verified.

In addition to its application in the security field, this technology can also be used for the detection of diseases in other parts of the body.

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