Hidden plastic pellet processing black workshop was banned

November 07, 2019

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Piles of plastic waste are placed in the rudimentary building and become plastic granules after simple processing. The unpleasant smell of garbage makes it difficult for nearby residents to bear. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, the Dongfeng Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Yucheng Branch, received a report from the residents, and the black workshop hidden in Xiaozhuang Huzhuang Village, Dongfeng Street, Xiangcheng District was banned. “We have a black workshop for producing plastic granules, which is produced every night. The sewage and waste gas generated seriously pollute the surrounding environment.” Yesterday afternoon, a citizen reported to Dongfeng Industrial and Commercial Bureau. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the reporter accompanied the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers to find this black workshop in the depths of a small alley in the middle section of the city's Qianjin Avenue. “The person in charge of the black workshop thinks that this place is relatively hidden and only illegally produced.” Resident Chen said that his family is nearby. Because the black workshop produced an unpleasant smell, everyone dared not open the window. . The reporter saw at the scene that the workshop was built with some simple asbestos tiles. There were piles of plastic garbage that had not been sorted, and there was a smell of rancid smell, which was suffocating. There are 3 workers in the work. “Hurry to stop production.” The industrial and commercial personnel stopped the road. As soon as the reporter walked into the factory, he saw the production line of plastic pellets. A pool of more than 10 meters long is a place to clean plastic, and the water inside is very unpleasant. Next to the pool is a dilapidated machine, and plastic pellets are made from this machine. Next to the machine is the finished pellets (pictured). “The equipment is very rudimentary and there are great potential safety hazards.” Law enforcement officials said that the recycling of used plastic waste has strict requirements on processing sites and production equipment. The source of plastics for black workshops that produce plastic pellets is unknown. Many toxic plastic wastes are also processed into pellets, which are very harmful to the human body. Law enforcement officials found that the workshop did not produce the "EIA", "production and processing permit" and "business license", and engaged in the processing of plastic pellets without authorization. In the afternoon, the workshop was investigated and punished according to law, and the plastic pellets produced were all sealed up.

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