Analysis of the cause of skf imported bearing shelling failure

November 02, 2019

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Analysis of the cause of skf imported bearing shelling failure

Source: Bearing network time: 2014-10-05

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Whether the imported bearings are still domestic bearings; there will be a day of failure; usually failure; that is, the life of the bearing is now reached. If the life of the bearing is not enough, then it is the problem. Incurs the life of the bearing is not reached; premature failure; today's imported bearings are of good quality; usually do not prematurely fail; so if you want to buy a bearing; you can think about imported bearings; of course, the types of imported bearings There are many; however, I still recommend the use of Swedish SKF bearings; because of the quality; SKF bearings are still the best; so usually do not prematurely fail; but some bearings sometimes exhibit shelling failure; This is an analysis of the common sense of this bearing shelling failure.
Shelling failure is the failure caused by the separation of the bearing alloy from the steel back; it is similar to cracking or fatigue stripping. This is the result of poor adhesion between the bearing alloy and the steel back metal. The outer alloy layer is in poor contact with the steel shell metal. The reasons are: oxide film, dust, cinder or grease on the surface of the base metal. Oxide or iron in the surface of the molten bearing alloy. Gas escapes from the metal during condensation cooling. Unsuitable casting temperature, alloy composition is wrong. The steel shell composition is not equal. The discarding and fatigue stripping are judged: when the shell is unshelled, the interface between the bearing alloy and the steel shell can be clearly seen to be separated; while the fatigue stripping can be found at the interface of the steel shell. Some residual bearing alloys.

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